vreny_prod_studioWelcome to ZOT Zin Production!

ZOT Zin Production offers professional writing, arranging, recording and production services to songwriters and lyricists. We can produce, arrange and record your song in any style. We can also help you develop your musical ideas into full songs, or write completely original music to your poetry or lyrics.

My song came out way better than I ever imagined possible. I’m beyond ecstatic. It sounds so great.” – Nina Michaels, Boston, MA


songwriterHire a Songwriter

Hire our Berklee trained songwriters to turn your lyrics or a-cappella vocal into a song. They’re very good and just an email or phone call away.

670px-Write-Song-Lyrics-Step-16Hire a Lyricist

Hire one of our lyricists to complement your music with great stories they write from scratch, or to fit your story to your music.

Music control panel deviceHire a Producer

Hire our producers to transform your melodies, lyrics and chord charts into a professional recording that will deeply touch your listeners. Any musical style.

Vreny GTRneck derbyHire a Musician

Hire our seasoned studio musicians to work their magic on your song, adding that cool guitar or trumpet solo, or that grooving rhythm part.

iStock_000016104862MediumHire a Vocalist

Hire a studio vocalist to record lead and/or backing vocals on your songs, as add-on to a production package, or separately if you only need vocal tracks.

The ProducerPackages/Add’l Services

We offer production packages & individual services (mastering, mixing, arranging, artwork, etc.), and song marketing/distribution!