Many of our clients send us lyrics or a cappella vocals, that we write completely original music to. We’ve co-authored a couple of thousands of songs with songwriters from all over the world who needed music to their lyrics or melodies.

Maybe you only have lyrics, or you don’t play an instrument but you love to write and record your vocal melodies. No problem!

Send us your lyrics, melody, or vocal recordings, just tell us what kind of style, feel and instrumentation you want, and we’ll write and produce a song to your specifications and wishes, exactly the way you want it. It’s that easy!

Any style (Pop, rock, country, blues, reggae, folk, classical, jazz, hip hop…) any instrumentation: you name it, we make it happen!

You can add a songwriter to a recording package or hire one as an individual service if you only need music written, but no produced recording. You’d then receive a non-produced, non-mixed, quick guitar & vocal only recording of your new song.

Our songwriters are also available for songwriting advice & song critiques. You’d learn more about songwriting AND hear your song getting better in the process.

Examples of what we can do:

  • write an original song to your lyrics or a-capella vocal melodies
  • improve your existing melodies
  • rewrite song sections you feel stuck with
  • finish your unfinished songs
  • give you songwriting advice or critiques.
“I can’t stop listening to the song you wrote to my lyrics. This is beyond what I had expected. It’s so beautiful I get teary eyed listening to it.” — Mark Franklin, New York, NY