"I can't stop listening to my song. Unbelievable what you did with my chorus."

— Jeff Tanakos, Los Angeles, CA

"My song came out way better than I ever imagined possible. I’m beyond ecstatic. It sounds so great."

— Nina Michaels, Boston, MA

"What a great experience working with you. I felt in awe sitting in your presence and seeing how effortlessly your turned my lyrics into a song with a special, unique melody. I'm blown away. "

— Ray Easley, Los Angeles, CA

"Your guitar playing on my track was not of this world. I want you to play on EVERY song I ever write. Thank you so much."

— Jenny Collins, Pasadena, CA

"Wow... Amazing! I was so anxious to hear what you were going to come up with, and I was afraid to get disappointed, setting my expectations too high. You more than delivered. My song sounds so fantastic I got teary eyed listening to it. "

— Ethan Howell, Brooklyn, NY

"What you have done with my song means the world to me. I always thought that turning my words into a song, was always going to be just a dream. You made my dream a reality. Thank all the musicians you hired for their beautiful performance. You made my day. This was more than worth every penny."

— Deborah Cohen, Bonn, Germany