Vreny Van ElslandeVreny Van Elslande is the founder and owner of ZOT Zin Production.

He’s a graduate of Belgian Conservatory and Berklee College of Music, where he trained to become a performer/session guitarist, producer and songwriter. He earned three degrees Summa Cum Laude in Classical Guitar Performance, Contemporary (Jazz) Guitar Performance, and Music Production and Engineering. He also won a full scholarship to Hollywood’s Musician Institute where he studied music business for one semester.

Some of his favorite bands include The Beatles and Queen, and he loves progressive rock and classic rock.

Vreny runs ZOT Zin Production from his recording studio located in Los Angeles.


Kal Drakopoulos
David Crocco
Jose Gonzalez
Peter Petro


Joel Van Dijck
Justin Lucas

Addl. Instruments

Sax: Dick Aven, Joe Sachs
Cello: DeAnn Dallas
Trumpet, Horns: Jeff Lewis
Flute: Marcus Sjowall
Hand Perc.: Scott Schecter
Accordion: Victor Prieto
Harp: Jessica Brizuela

Mix & Mastering Engineers

Brian Hardin
Ben Brown
Julian Chan
Jeff Lewis


Andrew Campbell
Sam Correa
Joe Sachs
Tim Barnes
Emad Khan (Upright Bass)


Emir Isilay
Al Marotta
Daniel Gotz
Everett Young
Mark Volpe


Leah King
Elsa Gernandt
Peter Petro
Cela Scott
Dot Todman
Steve Spataro

David Crocco

Felipe Tarantino
Hudson Henry
Cory Phillips
Teri Hitt
Tina Aldana

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