Production Packages


image of a guitar OR grand-piano
  • Guitar or Piano/Keys



Small Band

Drum kitBass guitar on glossy floorimage of a guitar
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitar or Piano/Keys

$390 (save $60)


Full Band

Drum kitBass guitar on glossy floorgrand-pianoimage of a guitarSONY DSC
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Piano/Keys
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar

$550 (save $200)

Songwriting, Production & Recording


Hire a Songwriter
Hire us to write original music to your lyrics or vocal melodies.



Hire a Lyricist
Hire us to improve your existing lyrics, or to write lyrics from scratch. 

Music control panel device

Hire a Producer
As an individual service.

Vreny GTRneck derby

Hire a Musician
Any instrument listed below


Hire a Vocalist
Lead and/or backing vocals.

Additional Services

Recording Studio Mixing Console

Extra Mixing
To further improve your song’s mix, or mix your project from scratch.


Add this to your order and we make your song radio ready.

Audio Editing

Extra Post Prod.
Additional song editing, stems, remixes, etc.


Sheet Music
Professional lead sheets of your song (melody, chords & lyrics).


Burn & Send Discs
Have CDs burned and sent to you.



Album Artwork
Professional album artwork. (Included with co-publishing.)

Extra Arranging
(for more elaborate 3 or 4-part arrangements)


String Arr.


Horn Section Arr.


Backing Vocal Arr.

Song Publishing & Promotion

The Producer

Send us your song, and we’ll promote and market it for you.
We’ll submit and promote your song to our digital music distributors (iTunes, Spotify…)

(Publishing and promotion are included with Production Packages when you choose the co-publishing option.)

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