The music producer wears many hats in a session. He develops the song, prepares the parts, gets the best possible performances from the musicians, works with the engineers to get the sounds he hears for the song, oversees the vocal performances, and supervises the mixing stages to get the best possible final result.

Whether you like pop, rock, country, dance, hip hop, singer songwriter, folk, jazz or classical: you name it, we can produce it! We’ve produced many hundreds of songs in any style.

The cost of a producer is included in any production package. However: you can also hire one of our producers as an individual service to work with you in a studio and with musicians of your choice.

Examples of what we can do:

  • turn the new song written to your lyrics or a cappella vocals into an amazing recording
  • hire the best possible musicians, arrangers and engineers to record your song
  • raise the quality of your music up many levels in the studio
  • turn your musical vision into song
  • give your music a commercially more viable sound and direction
“It’s mind blowing how you managed to nail the song exactly the way I wanted, and in such a short time. All my friends think I spent many thousands of pounds on the song you produced for me. They wouldn’t believe me if I told them the truth.” — Wesley Young, London, UK