Our experienced graphic artists produce unique artwork in any possible style, look or graphic arts discipline. Tell us what you need, and we’ll design it for you. This is included as a free service with your order if you choose the co-publishing option on the order page.

If you choose a work for hire arrangement instead so you retain 100% copyright of your song, but you’d also like to have artwork done: add artwork to your order and you get both.

If you only need artwork done: hire one of our graphic designers without buying music production & recording services.
We can redo or update your old artwork, or create new artwork for your songs. We can also design your album cover, website, promo materials, business cards, logo, and anything graphics.

The rate on the order page is for song artwork only.
Call or email us for quotes for your other graphic design needs.

Examples of what we can do:

  • design your artwork for your single or album
  • design your website to help you promote your music
  • design your artist logo and help you develop your brand
  • rework or update your old album artwork to look more current
  • create your promo materials.
“Everybody is complementing me on how amazing my album cover looks. Thank you! Your artwork greatly contributed to making me super proud of my album.” — Johnny Santiago, Peru.