Mastering makes your song radio ready.
It is the next step in improving the sonic quality of a recording after the song is mixed.

You can add mastering as an extra service to a production package to step up the audio quality of your recording, or hire one of our mastering engineers as an individual service to master your already produced & recorded songs.

Examples of what we can do:

  • make your song radio ready
  • bring your mixed song to the next level
  • fix or reduce possible mix deficiencies
  • balance out the EQ, reverb and stereo imaging.
“I was hesitant at first to master one of my old songs, thinking mastering was hyped up, but was curious to try it out. You weren’t kidding! The difference in quality is phenomenal between the old version and the mastered version. Now I want you to master ALL my old songs.” — Sally Alton, Dorset, UK.