We produce print-ready, professional looking song and music transcriptions.

Our sheet music is of the highest quality: ready for sale in music stores or for inclusion in music publications.
Our transcribers use Finale: the top music transcription software used at all major music publishing and copying companies.

There’s a difference between a lead sheet and a score. The rate on our order page is for lead sheets.
A lead sheet is a 1 to 2 page transcription of the melody with notes on a staff, chords on top of the staff, and lyrics underneath the notation.

A score on the other hand, is a complete note for note transcription of the performance of every instrument in a song.
You’d need a score if your song is an elaborate production that you intend to perform with hired gun musicians. It’s also just gratifying and fun to see and own every note of your song on paper.

We produce scores too.
Call or email us if you want a complete score of your song.
We charge per hour for scores.

Examples of what we can do:

  • turn any of your songs into beautiful, professional melody, chord and lyric lead sheets
  • transcribe all your music or specific instruments in any of your songs
  • save you time and money in rehearsals and recording sessions
  • create an extra stream of income for you selling your sheet music
  • score full charts for producers, band leaders or conductors.
“The music notation you did for my song looks like a professional edition I paid a lot of money for in a music store. I am beyond impressed.” — Edith Michaut, Paris, France