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“I was never able to understand music theory, because I found it mathematical and intimidating. But Vreny incorporates the theory into the practice in a rea.lly seamless way that is practical, interesting and inspiring.”

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“He made me feel like I could accomplish anything, and with his help, I completed full-length songs and I now understand “who I am” as an artist, this is something I could NEVER do before!”

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“I’ve been playing guitar for the past 17 years. I have been a student with Vreny for almost 3 years and I must say, that I have learned more and progressed faster under his tutelage than I did in past 10 years.”

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We love our student’s great progress, so when we see it, our subscribers get those success stories to learn from and to take inspiration from.

“Not only did I go from a beginning guitar player to an advanced level within two years, Vreny also helped me compose the songs in my head, which are now up for Grammy consideration.”

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