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The ZOT Zin Production team consists of experienced, top music college-trained (Berklee, Musician’s Institute, Conservatory, …) songwriters, engineers, producers, musicians, lyricists, and vocalists, who will work together to write, produce and record your song or full album.

We offer three Production Packages that can be customized to fit any style. We also offer a variety of Additional Services that you can order individually: from mixing, mastering, CD duplication & artwork design, to Song Publishing & Marketing.

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Production Packages


image of a guitar OR grand-piano
  • Guitar or Piano/Keys

Small Band

Drum kitBass guitar on glossy floorimage of a guitar
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitar or Piano/Keys

Full Band

Drum kitBass guitar on glossy floorgrand-pianoimage of a guitarSONY DSC
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Piano/Keys
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar

– Production Packages include a Producer.
– You can request instrument subs.
– Vocal tracks are ordered separately.
– Add a songwriter to your order if you are sending us lyrics only or an a-capella vocal recording.

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Production Packages | Songwriting, Production & Recording | Additional Services | Extra Arranging | Publishing & Promotion

Songwriting, Production & Recording


Hire a Songwriter

Hire us to write an original song from scratch to your lyrics or a-capella vocal, or to re-write and improve unfinished songs you need help with. More info.


Hire a Lyricist

Writing lyrics is an art form.

Hire us to write lyrics to your music. We can write to your story guidelines, or make it all up from scratch. We’ll write it for you and make it work with your music. More info.

That’s where we come in. If you have songs laying around unfinished because you can’t get yourself to write or finish the lyrics, let one of our lyricists help!

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Music control panel device

Hire a Producer

We produced many hundreds of songs in any musical style. While automatically included with any package, you can also hire a ZOT Zin producer as a separate service. More info.

Vreny GTRneck derby

Hire a Musician

Our experienced, Berklee & Conservatory trained session musicians will bring out the best in your song. Any instrument you choose: a funky clavinet rhythm, a piano solo, a dreamy sax… you name it, we’ll record it! More info.


Hire a Vocalist

Hire a ZOT Zin studio vocalist as an add-on to a production package, or separately if you’re in need of vocal tracks only for your song or music project. More info.

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Production Packages | Songwriting, Production & Recording | Additional Services | Extra Arranging | Publishing & Promotion

Additional Services

Recording Studio Mixing Console

Extra Mixing

Hire one of our mix engineers to further improve your song’s mix, or to mix your project from scratch. Mixing is included with our recording packages, but you can also hire a mix engineer as an individual service to mix or remix your already recorded songs.



Add this to your order and we make your song radio ready. Mastering is the next step in improving the sonic quality of a recording after mixing. You can add this to a package to step up the audio quality of your recording, or hire one of our mastering engineers as an individual service to master your already produced/recorded song.

Audio Editing

Extra Post Production

Additional song editing, stems, remixes, etc.


Sheet Music

Fact: the better the quality of the lead sheet you give to your band members, the quicker they will learn and the better they will play your new song. Poorly written chord charts are a major time waster in rehearsals. We can get you professional lead sheets of your song, including melody, chords & lyrics. It’s also exciting to see a transcription of your song on paper. You could create extra revenue selling sheet music of your songs.


Burn & Send Discs

For a small fee, we can save you the time and hassle burning CD’s of your song. You can have CDs burned and sent to you.



We have graphic artists on staff to create professional album artwork. You get artwork free if you choose to co-publish your song with us. Hire us if you have an album or songs already recorded that you need artwork for. More info.

Production Packages | Songwriting, Production & Recording | Additional Services | Extra Arranging | Publishing & Promotion

Extra Arranging (for more elaborate 3 or 4-part arrangements)

You have a song you already produced or recorded or that you are looking to record, and you want to add a full fledged horn section, or a full string arrangement, or 3-4 part backing vocals. We can write and produce the arrangements for you. We can also record them for you at our studio, or provide you with the charts so you can record the arrangements in a studio and with musicians of your choice.


String Arranging


Horn Section Arranging


Backing Vocal Arranging

Production Packages | Songwriting, Production & Recording | Additional Services | Extra Arranging | Publishing & Promotion

Publishing & Promotion

The Producer

Let ZOT Zin help you get your song heard! We offer two Publishing & Promotion options.

1. Co-publish

With co-publishing, you split your copyright 50/50 with ZOT Zin Publishing, and in return, we master your song and market and distribute it. We help you register your copyright, post your new song registration on ASCAP, create artwork and distribute your song on all major digital music distributors (iTunes, Spotify, etc.).

Of course, you may always choose to retain all rights to your song when hiring us to develop it. This is a “Work for Hire” arrangement, where you simply pay for services, and you retain all the rights. Publishing and promotion are not included in a “Work for Hire” arrangement.

2. As a Separate Service

Publishing & Promotion may also be ordered as a standalone service. If you have a finished song waiting to get out in the world, hire us to publish and distribute it! It could generate sales for you!